Research Interests

  • Cyber Security & Privacy
  • Human Factors
  • Decision Making
  • Simulation & Modeling
  • Systems Engineering
  • Team Performance

My research program aims at advancing the science of cyber security using a combination of behavioral and computational approaches. My interdisciplinary research program involves studying a broad range of socio-cognitive factors that impact security and privacy decision making. 

I am an assistant professor of Human Factors in the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering at University of Washington. I was previously a postdoctoral research scholar in the department of social and decision sciences at Carnegie Mellon University under the supervision of Prof. Cleotilde Gonzalez in the Dynamic Decision Making Laboratory. I was also a postdoctoral research scholar in school of informatics and computing with Prof. Jean Camp. I received my Ph.D. in Human Systems Engineering from Arizona State University under the supervision of Dr Nancy J Cooke

Prashanth Rajivan

Assistant Professor

University Of Washington